Monday, April 22, 2013

Busting the 7% Communication Myth

Communication is the key to so many things. You may have heard these statistics that words only account for 7%of what is communicated.  Here is a video that debunks that:

When you consider that when we are communicating our attitudes and feelings, 55% of what is communicated through our body language and 38% through tonal qualities.  I know for myself that is most of what is communicated.  What about you?

While this rule does not apply across the board. It is good to distinguish when it does apply.  Anything that is emotionally charged for you is going to be communicated. Whether you are feeling less than or you are really passionate, we tell the truth about how we feel ourselves.  Keep in mind our word choice can also give our inside picture away, so why not pick the picture that inspire you. Speak from that place of inspiration and passion.