Monday, April 22, 2013

Busting the 7% Communication Myth

Communication is the key to so many things. You may have heard these statistics that words only account for 7%of what is communicated.  Here is a video that debunks that:

When you consider that when we are communicating our attitudes and feelings, 55% of what is communicated through our body language and 38% through tonal qualities.  I know for myself that is most of what is communicated.  What about you?

While this rule does not apply across the board. It is good to distinguish when it does apply.  Anything that is emotionally charged for you is going to be communicated. Whether you are feeling less than or you are really passionate, we tell the truth about how we feel ourselves.  Keep in mind our word choice can also give our inside picture away, so why not pick the picture that inspire you. Speak from that place of inspiration and passion.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Where to start, a little of my story

There is always a good story.  Usually, there is more than one.  My story centers around the search for freedom and really integrating the roles that I play in my life so that they flow rather than pulling me apart.  I came into entrepreneurship as an opportunity to innovate and pull together the things that worked best for me.

My story centers around a real passion to give my daughter and I an experience of the world that is expansive and allows both of us to grow. Some of the most challenging times and lessons I have learned have been as an entrepreneur. At the same time, I appreciate the resiliency and the skill sets that it takes to be an entrepreneur. And as a mom, I am always trying to find ways to work smarter and not harder.

How does that translate into what I do? First let me share with you what moves me. I am passionate about learning. And people's stories are a rich source of wisdom, lessons and inspiration. I have always been drawn to that depth of understanding that is there when people share themselves.

Over the course of the helping people in the community build their business, I became this accidental entrepreneur.  It was a choice that organically happened. First, it was just my girlfriends which then translated to other friends, which then translated to friend's friends.  I have always drawn to people who truly want to help people, make a difference in the world and have a powerful story that frames what they do.

Being a military brat, I am one to celebrate and acknowledge the uniqueness and unique genius we all have.  It is what I am looking for and an integral part of what is important to me. I can't not see it. When you let, your inner brilliance shine, the world is a better place.

In this amazing world of interconnectedness, technology and innovation, there are so many ways to get ourselves out into the world.  Most of the time, I see people start with the how. For me, I always start with the why and what is important. Build the vehicle that is going to carry you and your message so that it based on the essential values and it will be something that you will always be able to use, reinvent or even pass along to a brighter star.

Do you have a good story to share? Let me help you find the resources and the tools to make it move from your heart and mind into the world.